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Little Joe

Little Joe was the kennel boy.


He could count the number of times he had been indoors in his life on one dirty little hand. He had a wild eye and a quick tongue, which often got him into trouble. The dogs he cared for were far more precious than he was and he knew it...


In 1861, the Russian River of Northern California was a wilderness of redwoods and grizzly bears and wolves. Wealthy hunters from San Francisco built lodges upon the shore, importing the best horses and dogs from Europe.


One day it began to rain. The remnants of the once-proud Kashaya Pomo people knew this was a storm for the ages. And the dogs in the kennels did too...


Her name was Eleanor and she was very very tired. 

She was tired when she woke up in the morning, so tired that she felt like spiders had wrapped her in soft sticky webs of silk all night that were impossible to shake off in the morning. And she had cobwebs in her head that took all day to clear.


She was tired in the shower every morning and would lean against the wall, her face pressed against the tiles...


She was tired on the schoolbus and she was tired--truly tired--really exhausted climbing the stairs to school each morning...

53 Tiles

Two girls, one in California and one in Japan, meet online playing a game called 53 Tiles. They discover that friends can be found even halfway around the world! Told in English and Japanese, 53 Tiles is a picture book for children learning either language.


Princesses & Palaces


A tabletop roleplaying game we designed and played since Smudge was 3. Dungeons & Dragons for a younger audience. The game contains a rulebook, a comic book that explains the game, character sheets, and plans for a palace built with craft materials. 




Princess Tomboy, The Dog Who Never Got Walked, Fatman & The Fox, Pelagia, and Little Joe all have sequels coming. Help us decide which book to write next by buying your favorites! Our first best-seller gets the first sequel!

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