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Princess Tomboy

“Princess?” Nan said, pushing herself out of her corner. “Who's a princess?”
The tiny doll echoed her words to the witches.


They all held out their arms and pointed at her with their thumbs. 
Then all the old women knelt down and bowed to her.


Nan jumped up on the bed. “ME?! NO WAY I'm your Princess. I HATE Princesses!”

The Dog Who Never Got Walked

For the first time in his life, something happened.


He didn't know how long that had been. He didn't know how old he was. He didn't know if he had a name, or where he was, or if he had parents or brothers or sisters. He didn't know anything about anything at all.


He was an orphan.

Fatman & The Fox

“Listen, Fatman,” the Chief said. “We've received a wail from a whale.”
“What's that, Chief?” Fergus asked. “We may have a bad connection.”
“A whale wailed.”
“I think you're stuttering.”
“I said a whale wailed for us!”
“Definitely stuttering, Chief! Just slow down and take the words one at a time.”
“No, you pinheaded pig! I said a whale's in trouble! She wailed her emergency tale to us! We need you NOW!”
“I see. Don't worry, Chief! You called the right pig. It's FATMAN to the rescue!”


She was a girl like any other girl of the Nestern Sile. Her short, feathery hair was black as night, her eyes were calm dark pools. Her clever tongue was always busy. Her nimble fingers were strong enough to untie a bonefiber tether. Her hands were webbed, as were her feet. Her neck had four gill slits on each side. Her skin was blue. 

Her name was Yesif.

Today is Yesif's special day. Journey with her from her home deep underwater to the surface of the Earth, the tops of the clouds, and onto an orbital in outer space to meet her friend Alurim. She makes new friends along the way and explores a fantastical vision of Earth six hundred years from now.


The family of sea people swam outside with the new Protector bundled in a seaweed wrap. Her light shined on them all. She was a perfect little mermaid.

“This is Pelagia!” her father announced to the waiting crowd. Everyone cheered. “And I guess she is here to save us and the whole ocean from harm!” They all cheered even louder. 

He held Pelagia up, so they could see her. Her dark blue eyes opened wide and gazed at them. The newborn Protector laughed, a tiny sound filled with delight.

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